a) The rental rate includes mandatory third-party insurance for cars and motorbikes for civil liability: the insurance guarantees, within the limits of the insurance contract, the reimbursement of damages suffered by third parties in the event of an accident.

b) 24H roadside assistance service is included in the price in the event of mechanical failures not attributable to the driver, provided that it is not a wheel puncture and that the vehicle is reachable by the lessor and therefore is on a paved road, is guaranteed timely intervention, making the necessary repairs or replacing the vehicle with another of the same type.

c) In case of theft of the rented vehicle the customer will be held responsible and will have to reimburse the lessor 20% of the commercial value of the vehicle, except for the case in which the vehicle has been transported out of the island of Elba without the authorization of the Lessor company and in this case the customer will be responsible for the entire commercial value of the vehicle.
Furthermore, the Customer must return to the lessor the original key of the vehicle of which it has suffered the theft; otherwise it will be held jointly and severally responsible for the theft and a refund of 100% of the commercial value of the vehicle will be requested.

d) Washing of the vehicle is included in the price except in the case where internally (see animal hairs such as dogs or cats, oil stains, or stains that cannot be washed or cleaned with a normal cleaning with a vacuum cleaner or simple washing with water) and / or externally (see paint stains, or stains with cannot be washed with a normal water wash) the vehicle is so dirty as to need a professional washing at a cost of € 80.00

e) Additional Driver
the customer may request, without additional costs, the authorization to for an additional driver, with consequent extension of the insurance coverage / limitations of liability / exclusions of responsibility, indicated in these general contract conditions, fully applicable also to these subjects.

f) The home delivery of the vehicle on the island is carried out at a cost that depends on the distance from the Twn office in Portoferraio and the number of days of rental.
By filling out the request for a quote you will have an estimate of the cost.

g) Free cancellation of the reservation
It is possible to cancel the reservation without penalty up to 14 days before the start of the rental. Cancellation within 14 days before the start of the rental will be charged 50% of the total cost.
In case of non-cancellation, the customer who does not show up on the agreed day will be charged 100% of the rental cost.

h) Car child seat

In case of availability and subject to advance booking, the customer may require the child seat.
In case of request made directly at the time of rental, the standard rate of € 5.00 per day may be applied.

i) Option Excess Reduction up to Zero
The Client at the time of signing the contract can choose to reduce the Damage Excess for all vehicles:
Reduction up to € 700.00 for the Renault Master Freight Transport Van and the Renault Trafic 9 Seat Van
Reduction up to € Zero for all other vehicles
Reduction up to € Zero for scooters
It will be necessary to pay at the time of signing the contract a sum between € 7.00 and € 30.00 per day depending on the type of vehicle hired.
The Zero Excess option will not be valid and the customer will therefore have to pay the entire amount of damages in the following cases:
The driver intentionally causes the damage
Driving under the influence of drugs and / or alcohol
The driver does not respect the traffic rules or drive irresponsibly (eg driving off a paved road)
The driver drives without a driving license
The driver has not been included in the rental agreement
The cost in case of loss of the vehicle documents, the loss or the breaking of the keys are always charged to the customer.

l) Drop-off of the vehicle to another location
Twn rent has 4 offices located on the Elba island.
The customer, when signing the contract, upon request, may decide to drop-off the vehicle at the end of the rental in one of the 4 offices without additional costs.
A fare is payable in the event of a change of return office for a current rental.

m) The price includes also: unlimited mileages on the island, crash helmets in case of motorcycles or moped rental .